To forge a network of Christian churches and other Christian individuals and organisations across Australia who will work together to offer positive resources during Marriage Week that will help couples re-affirm the value of and commitment to marriage.


  • To bring Biblical understanding in the Church of Australia concerning God’s plan and purpose for marriage, between a man and a woman, and to see marriage(s) honoured.
  • To have an annual celebration to reinforce and promote the benefits/importance of marriage and;
  • To mobilise the Body of Christ to have an effective ministry to marriage.
  • To re-affirm:
    • The value of marriage, which as a binding public commitment becomes the foundation of healthy families, healthy children, and a healthy community.
    • That marriage is ‘the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life’


Transforming the church to inspire and equip married couples to build great marriages, impacting communities. Working together to improve the health and success of marriage and family relationships.

The quality of our nation’s marital relationships will determine the destiny of Australia. The strength of Australian families depends on the qualities of the relationships between our nation’s mothers and fathers. Therefore marriage should be encouraged, strengthened, valued and supported by society and individuals in every possible way as a social good.


21 Reasons why Marriage Matters

21 Reasons why Marriage Matters’ brings together quality family and social research from around the world in a concise and readable format. Suitable for the experienced researcher or the casual enquirer. It is ideal for marriage and relationship educators and engaged couple alike. Any one considering the merits of marriage will find this resource valuable.

A great resource for small group discussions eg with your youth group.

Download a full sample pdf copy, to use as a resource for Marriage Week, and order form. Ideal to give to unmarried young adults and so many other uses.