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What is Marriage Week?

Marriage Week is an annual celebration, initiated in Australia in 2007, to reinforce and promote the benefits/importance of marriage and increase awareness and value of pre-marriage and in-marriage education. Our marriages are not private matters. The children in marriages  gain emotional security and a myriad of benefits from our marriage, our love and union. Our marriages matter to our extended family. They matter to our employers and the wider to society. They are the fabric that holds families together. So, do something for marriages or your own, if married, in Marriage Week. Come to think of it why wait – do it now! Invest in the infrastructure of our nation - marriage/family. Ideas and resources available through this website, no costs involved for downloads etc. During Marriage Week there will be special events happening across Australia – will your  church show they value marriage and participate? Marriage Week gives a husband and wife, together with those who are preparing to marry, the opportunity and encouragement to focus on their relationship. Affirming that: The value of marriage, which as a binding public commitment, becomes the foundation of healthy families, healthy children, and a healthy community. Marriage is 'the union of a [...] Read More

Vision of Marriage Week

VISION To forge a network of Christian churches and other Christian individuals and organisations across Australia who will work together to offer positive resources during Marriage Week that will help couples re-affirm the value of and commitment to marriage. AIMS To bring Biblical understanding in the Church of Australia concerning God's plan and purpose for marriage, between a man and a woman, and to see marriage(s) honoured. To have an annual celebration to reinforce and promote the benefits/importance of marriage and; To mobilise the Body of Christ to have an effective ministry to marriage. To re-affirm: The value of marriage, which as a binding public commitment becomes the foundation of healthy families, healthy children, and a healthy community. That marriage is 'the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life' EXPECTED OUTCOME Transforming the church to inspire and equip married couples to build great marriages, impacting communities. Working together to improve the health and success of marriage and family relationships. The quality of our nation's marital relationships will determine the destiny of Australia. The strength of Australian families depends on the qualities of the relationships between our nation's mothers [...] Read More

Theological Foundations of Marriage Week

Here are ten theological foundations that Marriage Week Australia believe are essential to the ministry. It is our hope this statement of the theological foundation of Marriage Week Australia will stimulate discussion among God’s people in Australia, around the world and that we will have the opportunity to grow together as we follow Christ. Bible-driven theology which connects the Great Commission with the institution of the family. This foundational statement for Marriage Week Australia is derived from “Theology of Family Ministry” was written by Ps Scott Turansky with several other theologians. Which is currently being used by The 4/14 Transform World Family Challenge Team [Matthew Ling, Dr. PC Matthew, Professor Ben Freudenberg, Dr. Scott Turansky & Dr. Rob Rienow] Theological Foundation #1: God’s Purpose for the Family God created the institutions of marriage and family as the foundation for human life, society, relationships, and the faith community (Genesis 1-2). God chose to move His plan of salvation forward through covenant relationships with families (Genesis 7:1, 17:7). God designed the family to be an active and powerful evangelism and discipleship center (Genesis 18:18-19, Deuteronomy 6:5-7, Ephesians 6:4). Through the institution of family, God brings glory to Himself by advancing [...] Read More

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