Marriage Week Australia

“Aim at Heaven and you will get earth ‘thrown in’; …” C. S. Lewis

As we and many have said great strains are being put on the people of the nation and indeed the world. We all from time to time, need to re-evaluate the priorities of life and the way that we do things. We as church/ministry leaders and the teams around [...] Read More

20th August 2021|

Why should the church seek to build strong marriages?

Then, what should we do as a church? Marriage is God’s designed and is formed around two principles: covenant keeping and a triune relationship. Divorce is not as common among Christians as non-Christians, however when it does occur it can bring shame to the church and to God’s name. [...] Read More

12th August 2021|


 We boldly need to continue to teach, equip and correct using all scripture Over these last months the attack on the Christian Church and the inspiration and authority of the Bible has not abated, despite the pandemic and the continuing acts of terrorism around the world. Some in the [...] Read More

25th May 2021|
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