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Prayer for marriage ~ August

The influence of postmodern thought has left its mark on twenty-first century education, introducing concepts such as pluralism, “tolerance,” and the rejection of absolute truth. Today’s curriculae are replete with materials that accept – and, in some cases, even condone immoral activities and lifestyles, which includes sex outside of marriage and marriage between any two [...] Read More

2022-08-01T15:35:08+10:00 27th July 2022|

We need to tend to the health of the church as well as looking to its growth.

We need to tend to the health of the church as well as looking to its growth. Often when people talk about their marriage they talk of the number of years of marital bliss. However, even in the church, marriage is not always blissful, it can always be gracious where there is [...] Read More

2022-07-20T14:15:17+10:00 20th July 2022|

Prayer for marriage ~ July

The Sphere of Arts has the potential to touch lives in a powerful way and can be, and often is, used to communicate the gospel message. Drama, dance, story, music and visual image can be expressions both of the reality of our brokenness, and of the hope that is centred in the gospel that all [...] Read More

2022-06-17T15:45:13+10:00 27th June 2022|

Have we bought into the lie?

Regrettably in many nations the church is a near carbon copy of the world, having departed from God’s divine standards, in areas of co-habitation, fornication, adultery, divorce, abortion, watching “reality TV” shows often with in your face sexuality and the list goes on. Then there is what governments have done through the laws [...] Read More

2022-06-21T12:41:08+10:00 21st June 2022|

Prayer for marriage ~ June

Religion is composed of a set of morals, rules. Religions generally have a set of dogmatic beliefs and practices that are designed to help a person achieve a spiritual goal. A religion is about believing and doing the right thing in order to be ‘right’ with the spiritual universe. Christianity is a relationship with Jesus [...] Read More

2022-05-27T12:43:27+10:00 27th May 2022|

May 2022

Wars and threat of war may increasingly be on the minds of many, but what about war zones happening in marriages eg those small disagreements turning into an all-out war of words. Alex and Stephen Kendrick wrote that: “Many marriages consist of two people who have become enemies. Consider this: [...] Read More

2022-05-21T09:21:37+10:00 5th May 2022|

Prayer for marriage ~ May

In recent times, in order to help prevent the spread of disease, many nations have instructed their citizens to remain indoors. For many in this nation this means families being together, including, but not always, husbands and wives. It may also mean an additional strain on those working in the law and justice spheres, both [...] Read More

2022-05-21T09:23:37+10:00 28th April 2022|

Why should we in the church minister to marriage/families?

It may sound a silly question but why should we in the church minister to marriage/families ? Researching this question will guide us to establish the right theological foundations and biblical principles upon which to build a transformational marriage/family ministry. The following quotes are taken from “Theology of Family Ministry” was written by [...] Read More

2022-04-14T14:37:38+10:00 14th April 2022|

Prayer for marriage ~ April

Time is a fixed commodity and for many in the business community it has been an on-going struggle to ensure that they have enough time with their families. Now, due to the current pandemic, some evening and weekend meetings, fixtures and social gatherings, after school sports, lessons and other events have been reduced. Please [...] Read More

2022-03-29T15:45:32+11:00 29th March 2022|

Prayer for marriage [Government & Military] ~ March

Lift up all the Australian Defence Personnel to God. Pray especially for all the fathers that they ensure, where ever possible that they maintain contact with their children. Pray especially for those who are in a traditional marriage relationship - that the Lord may preserve them from all harm. Ps 91:11. Pray that even [...] Read More

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