Why Date your spouse?

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Date Night Ideas

Although the title to this page is Date Night Ideas, you do not have to date your spouse at night only –  there are day time and weekend dates. We read recently of one wife going to her husband’s workplace and ‘capturing’ him at the start of his lunch break so that they could have that lunch together! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination – ‘lack of time’ or ‘too costly’ arguments can be overcome, and remember when you have young children they do go to bed.

Some ideas from others to get you started:

  1. From a wife and mother “We did a date co-op when our kids were little with some of our friends. We swapped babysitting for each other so we could get some alone time. The kids thought it was a play date for them!
    We discovered the beauty of having lunch dates at the nicer places. The prices are usually much lower, the portion sizes are smaller, and you still get the fancy feeling. Sometimes, if the lunch thing doesn’t work out, we will eat a light meal at home and then just share an appetizer and dessert at a […] Read More

Great Aussie Date Night

To some couples having a weekly date may seem like a no-brainer, but many find that despite all the good intentions they get put off to another day and that day will rarely come and the opportunity has been missed. Date nights do not have to be expensive to be rewarding. Date nights are important to you, your spouse and your marriage.

We have made things easier with The Great Aussie Date Night, Saturday 17th September 2022, and a group or church near you may be arranging something special, so check with them directly – they may have posted the detail on our events pages. Even if nothing is arranged near you, there are no excuses! Arrange your own date night – yes, even if you have young ones it is still possible.

Go across to the “Date Night Ideas” page and maybe you will find a new idea for your own special Great Aussie Date Night.

Dating Your SpouseDates are not just for those looking to get married!  Dating is a powerful tool to promote the health of your marriage, once married. Over time marriages will wilt without regular attention. Investing time in a date night may be difficult when you have children, careers, busy committed life styles, but date nights/couple time do not have to be complicated. First start by agreeing together a time and day, and then put it in the diary or on the planner. This date should be treated with the utmost importance and not be changed without mutual agreement. When the time comes switch off the ‘phone etc!

Social science clearly suggests that regular date nights result in stronger marriages. The results include:

  • Increased communication, so deepening couple’s understanding of each other so they grow closer together.
  • Date nights help spouses reclaim both their individual identity and their identity as a couple as they escape from routine.
  • Date nights fan the flame of romance, passion and excitement.
  • They ensure fun times together to do the unusual.

Date nights show commitment to the marriage, and are one of the greatest investments a married couple […] Read More

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