Marriage Week Australia does not create/run its own courses or seminars. We seek to bring to the notice of all the quality courses/seminars and retreats that are already available from long established ministries in Australia and some internationally.

We believe that we can all improve our marriages and know that this takes both husband and wife to work together in love, patience, forgiveness and also encouraging each other along the way – it is not just down to one spouse.

Whilst we do not run courses etc. we were led to create, over a decade ago, the Marriage Investment Bank. Couples who join the Bank, at no cost, are shown ways to jointly invest in their marriage through the occasional ‘Investment Letter’. Hundreds of couples from Australia and abroad have become members.

Throughout the web site  you will find ideas and links for resources that you can use in your own home, with friends, your church, or sponsor at your local library or community centre—courses, retreats and more including the Great Aussie Date.

Young people today say that the cost of a wedding often holds them back from the altar or they see the effect of the many divorces that occur in our nation and they slide into long term cohabitation. We need to seek to show/educate our young that the way forward is marriage and continue to prepare them for lifelong covenanted marriage.

As with all things see after the Kingdom first through God’s word.

Some Trivia

  • Research shows that on average married people have good relationships with their children; families enjoy better physical health, married men earn more money. Wow, that puts a lot of weight on marriage! See Benefits of Marriage
  • Other research shows that kissing is good for the teeth – it can reduce the possibility of decay!
  • Married people, especially married men, have longer life expectancy than do otherwise similar singles.
  • Hugs, cuddles and laughter are good for your health and your marriage