Do you want to strengthen marriages in your congregation?

Participate in ‘The Great Aussie Date Night’ taking place nationally on the Saturday 16th September 2023, the last Saturday of Marriage Week. Help strengthen marriages, rekindling the romance in a fun, enjoyable way. Be part of this national event presenting a united front in support of strong biblical marriages.

Resources available:

  • Ministries who focus on marriage and or marriage preparation. Follow this link for their listing and contact them to see what resources they may be able to help you with. They might even be able to provide a speaker, depending on your location and type of event.

  • For other free resources go to “Date Night Resources“.

  • Seek out the Christian radio station covering your area – they may have a ‘Community Noticeboard’ or even broadcast a ‘Community Service Announcement’ for you . Find out your nearest station through this link, and then go to their web site for contact details. Don’t forget that VisionFM has over 650 ‘repeater stations’ and then there is the internet coverage.

  • Whilst it is not fully detailed our outline planning guide might be a helpful start in your planning. Download here.