Invest in your marriageMarriage Investment Bank a bank that seeks to assist you and your spouse build the deposit balance to make your marriage stronger.

It isn’t unusual for people to invest time to attend training, improve their golf swing to enhance their cooking, improve gardening or other skills, but when was the last time you as a couple invested time on your marriage relationship?

The Marriage Investment Bank was founded in April 2011 and has grown from strength to strength with 100’s of couples in Australia and abroad as investors in their marriage.

Marriage “Investment Letters” are sent throughout the year with extras being sent during Marriage Week. Remember, though, that the highest returns are gained through the commitment of you and your spouse.

There are no $ costs in joining MIB but there is a cost to you and your spouse and that is your time and commitment for each other.

Join now it is free, easy, fun with potentially high returns!

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