Marriage is a daily part life so make it part of the culture of your church and local community by:

  • Honour wedding anniversaries in your church as you may do with birthdays.

  • Pray for marriages and if you have an intercessor or intercessory prayer group within the church ensure that marriages are on their agenda. (See also ‘The Importance of Marriage’ )

  • Host an event such as”

    • ‘a Day Together’ conference (Power To Change)
    • ‘Married for Life’ conference (2=1 Australia )
    • SmartLoving Talks/Workshops can be tailored to your parish needs such as engaged couples/ newlyweds/ school parents/ youth,  or a SmartLoving Marriage seminar (SmartLoving resources from the ‘ Marriage Resource Centre‘)
    • ‘Growing Together in Marriage’ weekend (GTIM – a South Australian ministry).
  • Within your church recruit and train “Marriage Coaches”. Empower them to run The Marriage Course, The Marriage Preparation Course or other marriage related courses/programs.

  • Offer pre-marriage education. Don’t just limit yourself to couples getting married in your church; marriage is a time when people are open/seeking. Remember that Marriage Celebrants, who undertake at least 70% of marriages in Australia, are required by law to recommend pre-marriage education. Check out courses such as ‘The Marriage Preparation Course’ from The Marriage Course Australia or ‘One for Life’ from 2=1.