Word of mouth advertising and personal invitation is the best form of advertising. However other areas should not be overlooked particularly in reaching the community outside your church. The following are just a few ideas to help you along the way.

Community Noticeboards

Where these are available they are often free to use and are well located. Do make sure that your “advert” fits the requirements for size and content

Street Banners

Some Shire councils have these facilities for you to erect community event banners for a specified period before an event. Check with your Shire council to see whether they have such a facility and what their regulations are for use. Even where this facility is not available you may well find that you can erect a banner on private premises but do check what regulations you need to meet.

Local Radio

We seek your help to have the Marriage Week and your events advertised on your local radio station. Whilst we regularly contact the Christian stations, it is always helpful for local representation to be made to any radio station.

Do not forget that some radio stations have “Noticeboards” on their websites – so register your event with them especially as some will promote your event ‘on air’.

Local Shops and Services

We have found that many local shopkeepers, medical, dental practices  and also others with a “shop front” e.g. the local politician will be more than happy to assist in advertising, particularly if you take the responsibility for keeping leaflets stocked and tidy and that they are removed after the event together with any posters that might have been stuck to glass or other surfaces.

Local Newspapers

Some local newspapers give free advertising to community non-profit events, but an even better idea is to involve them in your plans from the beginning and invite the Editor and their spouse, if they have one, along to one of your key events.