Many churches have found that when a couple renew their wedding vows that the occasion turns out to be a great time of outreach as the couple will invite their family and friends many of whom may not normally attend church.

Sow the seed early with members of the church by talking about marriage early in the year and make the suggestion that couples may like to renew their vows during Marriage Week.

Renewal of Vows Resources

  • These certificates are available as A4 landscape print quality pdf  and jpg in a zipped file. Ideal for print on a quality paper of at least 100gsm e.g. “Jambin” 100gsm paper from Big W and stationers.

Service Outline

Rev Peter Gador-Whyte shares this outline that he uses ~ download the zipped Word Doc file and select “save as” (File size approx 0.25Mb)

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Thanksgiving for Marriage

This outline service is designed for a number of different occasions. It may be used:

  • on occasions when a number of couples reaffirm their vows together;
  • to celebrate an anniversary;
  • after a time of separation or difficulty in marriage;
  • either at home or in church;
  • combined with another service, such as the Holy Communion.

When going to the web page follow the menu link to ‘Thanksgiving for Marriage’

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