Become involved !

Firstly, it may sound obvious, but the basic fabric of any church or community is people – singles, couples, and families. The more you can do to enrich the relationships, marriages, and families in your church & community, the stronger they will become.

Individuals and the church have a responsibility to take radical measures to restore meaning to the covenant of marriage. Also ensuring that God’s design and purpose is known,  understood and replaces the worldly attributes that are seeking to destroy the values of marriage and family. (See ‘The Importance of Marriage’) Let us all work together to reclaim the ‘sanctity of marriage’ through growing a ‘marriage culture’ in family and church family life.

You might like to gather together a group of like minded people to invest in not only your own marriage but also that of others and to encourage each other – make a regular time to meet, over food always helps to break down barriers!

Maybe look to honour and invest in marriage/family through your church. If you are not the church leader then it is recommended that you speak to them early on. Having them involved, at some level, adds credibility and communicates the priority and approval of the leadership.


Pray for marriages whether you are married or not, for the marriages of the nations leaders (Federal/State/Territory) for your church leaders where they are married. If you are married pray for your own marriage with your spouse praying alongside of you.
Encourage regular prayer for marriage and marriages in the church, the community and Australia – see the suggested monthly prayers covering a different sector of our nation each month.

Always crying out in unity to God for our nation’s marriages and for sexual purity.

Additionally during Marriage Week pray for the nation’s marriages ~ download the short “Daily Focus’ guide for use at home, within your group or church – download the zipped pdf here 


This downloadable pdf list details just a few of the books, that we like, that cover some of the many aspects of marriage ~ from love to communication skills, resolving conflict, forgiveness, what is marriage and much more. There is also a separate page on Parenting.

Make copies available to your friends, to church members  (by putting a copy in your bulletin or newsletter.) Download the zipped pdf here

Marriage Investment Bank 

Since the Bank was founded in 2011 many couples across Australia and some from other nations have joined in this fun way to invest in their marriage throughout the year.

There are no fees involved and high returns can be expected. Find out more about MIB

Have a look at how marriages are ministered to within the church at the moment.

  • If you run marriage educational/enrichment programs or weekends critically review the feedback received from participants, maybe talk with one or two to hear more of what they have to say.
  • Do you honour birthdays , if yes, do you honour wedding anniversaries?
  • Do you have a program in place to teach the youth about marriage and sexual purity?
  • Within the church celebrate and honour marriage and marriages during marriage week – through sermons, renewal of vows…. through to the ‘Great Aussie Date Night’. Check out the Marriage Week ideas page.
  • Within your family arrange a family dinner, picnic or other gathering to honour the marriages in you family.
  • Honour the marriage of friends/neighbour’s who have contributed positively to your life/marriage/family.