We live in a relationally broken culture which is driven by world values! We in the church need to meaningfully show the world how fullness of life can extend beyond the individual into a committed, God-honouring Christ centred marriage? Our God is a relational God who is in a perfect triune relationship. Jesus said “…I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly”(John 10:10 NRSV).

We believe that our Lord desires all married people to have meaningful and fulfilling marriages. In our ministry, ‘pre-marriage’ and also marriage provides an incredible opportunity to share the gospel. There are still people who will look to the church for help, before getting married and during their marriage, whether it is in trouble or for ideas to make their marriage better. The starting point for great lives, great marriages is of course salvation, and seeking to lead Christ centred lives, and the putting Christ at the centre of the marriage.
A Christ-centred marriage:

  • Cana WeddingCrossinvolves mutual devotion to Jesus Christ
  • sets priorities by the Lord and His word
  • practices forgiveness and humility
  • is characterised by serving one another
  • is a journey together in the hope of Christ
  • is well engaged with the church

Encourage Couples to:

  • »» Regularly pray together and for each other at home.
  • »» Continue to invest in their marriage.
  • »» Sign up for a marriage enrichment programme; celebrate wedding anniversaries.
  • »» Join the Marriage Investment Bank – there’s no cost and the return is high.
  • »» Take part in The Closeness Project.

Ideas to incorporate into Church Life:

  • Support young couples preparing for marriage. There is also a need for the youth to be taught about the joys and challenges of marriage.
  • Initiate Marriage mentors.
  • Honour marriages in the church – celebrate wedding anniversaries.
  • Invest in the health of all marriages, find ways to communicate and educate your congregation about keys to growing and maintaining healthy relationships through sermons, classes, workshops, video presentations, seminars, etc.
  • Talk to singles and the youth about the value and importance of their sexuality and choosing purity.
  • Start a Marriage enrichment programme. Research by Relationships Australia & ANU has shown that couples who participate in relationship courses are more likely to be happier in their relationship, find it easier to communicate their concerns and deal with conflict.
  • Run separate seminars on the biblical role of wives, and, the biblical role of husbands and fathers.
  • Run seminars on financial management for couples.
  • Pray for marriages
  • Set up a ‘Great Aussie Date Night’ for the church and others.